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Determining the Lie – Easy vs Difficult

Around the greens we look to run the ball along the ground as much as possible.
Sometimes, a more lofted shot is required, utilizing a sand wedge or more lofted wedge.
In this picture, the ball with the arrow pointing at it is lying lower in the grass then the
ball to the right. Use more of a hinge in your wrists in the back swing; this will help the
ball come out higher.

You are probably saying to yourself “the ball on the left looks even more difficult”. You
are absolutely correct; I would pick up and look for the drink cart!


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Let the lie dictate the shot

Around the green you will encounter numerous types of situations as to how the ball lies
on the ground. The picture on the left shows a sand wedge being used to pitch the ball;
the lie of the ball is fairly good as there looks to be plenty of grass under the ball. The
picture on the right shows a ball sitting on a bare patch of grass; there is not much grass
under this ball. Using a sand wedge in this scenario is not advisable as the sand wedge
may bounce off the compact ground and catch the ball thin (it will travel too low with no
distance control). Use a pitching wedge if you need loft to the shot, the pitching wedge
may not hit the ball as high as the sand wedge, but has less chance to bounce as the
bottom of the club is built differently from the sand wedge.

Let the lie dictate the shot

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