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Golf Tip: Ball Striking vs Scoring

Statistics show us that more than 70% of your shots occur inside of 100 yards. This includes putting, chipping, pitching, sand and full swings with shorter clubs. Now some of you are better at scoring compared to your full swings with longer clubs. Most players are worse at scoring than full swings. If you were to play 9 holes at your golf club, but not play from the normal teeing ground and start from 100 yards out, would you score 27 or better? The answer is quite interesting and it is a resounding NO!

Now you have a better idea of where to put your efforts when you practice this winter.

Come and see me over the winter for some private sessions or on a regular schedule with the Winter Coaching Program.

Student Feedback – Tom C.

It’s always satisfying to hear from one of my students that the work we are doing together is paying off in their golf game. I spent some time in Phoenix recently, playing and working with one of my students: Tom C. Here’s what he had to say after our time together:

Hey Glenn. I know you won’t believe this but I played at Camelback, the Ambiente course today and had 5 birdies. Three in a row , 18, 1 and 2. So its obvious that you are a hell of a good coach.

Thanks, Tom! Keep up the good work!

Warming Up vs Practicing

Warming up vs practicingI have been asked on several occasions what the difference is between these. Prior to a game of golf you want to warm up. Stretch, get your blood pumping thru various parts of your body and find your rhythm.

Practicing is more mechanical in nature, working on certain flaws or fundamentals. These should not be taken directly onto the course prior to your game. Research has shown that the less mechanical you are when playing, the better you will play.

On the course, focus on your target and see your shot happen before you actually do it. Then let it happen!

Have you made plans for your winter vacation yet? Join Janet & myself as we head off to Mexico in February for a week of golf, sun and cervesas! Please check out the details for more information, there are a few spots remaining.

2016 Golf Getaway in Punta de Mita, Mexico

I am very pleased to announce our 2016 winter excursion!

Litibu-Golf-CourseJoin Janet & myself as we are off to a new destination. We are heading to the 5 star Iberostar resort and Greg Norman Golf Course in:

Punta de Mita, Mexico

  • Direct Air on Air Transat, Club Class upgrade available on a limited basis
  • All Inclusive plan
  • Transportation to and from the Puerto Vallarta Airport
  • 5 rounds of golf including power carts on site of the resort
  • Taxes and fees included in the price 


1.  Standard room Ocean view: $ 2600.00 per person. 

2.  Spa Room Ocean view: $ 2790.00 per person. 

3.  Junior Suite Beachfront walkout: $ 2885.00 per person.

All above prices are based on twin sharing basis. Non golfers can deduct $ 625.00 from the package price.

 Flight Schedule:

Calgary – Puerto Vallarta              TS 348   Jan. 29, 2016       10:30AM – 4:10PM

Puerto Vallarta – Calgary              TS 349   Feb. 05, 2016      5:30PM – 9:15PM 


–  This is a special group fare valid till July 21.  After this date, Air Transat can increase their group rates.  A deposit of $150 per person to book space on this special group pricing.

–  Club Seats are an extra $360 per person, roundtrip.  As of today, there are still 9 Club seats left, but we cannot block these.  They are on a first come first serve basis.  To book these seats, a deposit of $100 per person is required, in addition to the deposit on the package.

–  Final payment is due on Oct. 20, 2015.

Here is the link to the resort web site:


Here is the link to the Litibu Golf Course:


Please contact me at the Glencoe Golf & CC to reserve your spots or if you have any questions.

Direct line: 403-240-7398

Email: gboswell@glencoe.org


How to Overcome Negative Thoughts On The Golf Course

negative-thinking-golfEveryone at every level of ability has encountered negative thoughts on the golf course or the range.  We know it is not productive, but we cannot seem to change it.  Here is a way to deal with this courtesy of April Clay.

Golfing out of your Mind Tip:

Let’s say Suzie has missed two key shots in a row and her tension and frustration are beginning to boil.  Thoughts of failure and embarrassment begin to enter her mind:  “you cannot blow this next shot, it will be all over.  What will people think?”

At this juncture, Suzie has a few choices.  If she follows this line of thinking and leaves her emotional and mental state unchecked things likely will not turn out well.  As her negative thoughts increase, so will her tension.  Her swing will change.  Doubt will enter.

But there is another choice.

If Suzie can recognize the rise of her frustration as normal she can work with it in a different way.  If she accepts and then redirects her thinking; “only this shot, what do I need to do, what is my approach?” she can help herself move back to the process of playing and away from a (emotional) judgement of her play.

Suzie’s routine for dealing with difficult emotions can be summarized like this:

Accept:  I feel what I feel because I care about what I’m doing.  That is ok, I am going to turn this emotion into a signal to change something up. 

Assess:  I need to get back to my plan, my task.  What is the best way to play this next shot?  What approach can I commit to?

Commit:  Here a new pathway of thinking is identified.  Suzie, having experienced frustration before, knows the value in altering her pre shot routine:  align, target, easy swing are her key words.

From:  Golfing out of Your Mind (Ebook, by April Clay, Psychologist) available at:

Golf Instruction: Improving Contact With The Ball At Impact

Golf-Impact-SwingThe most important part of the golf swing is impact, plain and simple. The picture to the right shows a club approaching the ball with a shaft that is almost vertical. The club head is making contact with the ground first, about an inch before the ball. The better ball strikers have more shaft lean and catch the ball first, not the ground. Their divots will come after the ball. To enable this you must have your weight moving towards your target side foot (left foot for right handers). The shaft will automatically start to lean more towards the target and the club head will catch the ball cleaner. Contact improves immediately as does distance and control.

Book your lesson with me to assess your impact position and start improving your ball striking. I also use Trackman to determine your exact impact numbers, this technology allows you to understand better and improve more quickly.

Getting the Right Golf Club for Your Game

choosing-right-golf-clubSanta left you or promised you a new golf club from Christmas. How do you choose the club that is most beneficial for you? Consider the obvious choices first:

  1. Budget
  2. Visual appeal
  3. The feel and performance (take a demo club and try it out).

Now the most important step, get yourself fitted for the club with an authorized fitter or Golf Professional. This should include:

  1. Confirming the shaft type, flex, length and kick point.
  2. Confirm the lie angle and grip size.
  3. Confirm the loft and face angles using Trackman or Flitescope.

Quite often, the club fitting should be an inclusive service with the club purchase.

Putters and wedges should also be discussed with a Golf Professional, these clubs have choices available such as loft, bounce and weighting.

Remember that a better fit club will give you the best opportunity to play your best! If you would like to have a club fitting with myself, please contact me to schedule a time.