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Golf Tip: Rotation vs Arm/Hand power

There is much confusion regarding rotating your body versus swinging your arms & hands. Some people think they have more power when they keep their arms and hands moving independently of their body. This is false and physics proves it, just look at the figure skater with her arms stretched out. The skater will always move slower when the arms and feet generate the motion. When the skater pulls her arms inward while rotating her entire body, tremendous speed occurs.

In the golf swing, keep your arms, hands and club going with the rotation of the body. This creates speed and less manipulation with your arms & hands.


Golf Tip: Physical Limitations

Heading into the 2017 golf season, prepare yourself physically. I am not suggesting you become a “gym rat” and work out 5 days a week, although that can contribute to better health. Start stretching daily, see a physiotherapist or chiropractor and perhaps use a trainer if you are motivated to work out. In the left picture, the back swing has a spine tilting towards the target creating lower back issues and a ball flight, which is less than desirable. There are likely 2 possible reasons for this swing position, a lack of awareness or he has a physical dysfunction.

Don’t wait until spring to start on your golf game, let’s get it going now!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Golf Year to you and your family.

Glenn Boswell