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Winter Coaching Program

Welcome to the 2016/2017 winter golf season! Now is the time to start working on your game; do not wait until the spring!

There are 4 months available to understand, manage and improve your game from a full swing, short game, putting, mental approach and course management perspective.

The Coaching Clinic guarantees results!

You commit to practice once a week for 4 months and I will improve your game & lower your scores. Using Calgary’s only indoor putting green /short game area, we will make your putter and wedge your best friends!

How does it work?

Purchase your bucket of practice balls and check in with me during the scheduled times. During your practice time, I will monitor your practice and progression through the use of video & Trackman technology.

The quicker you send in your completed form, the better chance at selecting your preferred time.

Dates & Times:

Starting December 1st to March 23rd (Excluding February 2nd – February 9th)
Sunday’s 12 – 4 pm
Thursday’s 4 – 8 pm

*Bonus week November 10th & 13th.


$275.00 plus GST = $288.75
This works out to $20.00 per lesson for once a week at 14 weeks.

Registration Information:

Please choose your preferred time in the week, once the registration fills on these days, we will add more.

A maximum of 15 people per session.

Thursday 4 – 8 pm
Sunday 12 – 4 pm

To Register for the winter clinic email me here

Warming Up vs Practicing

Warming up vs practicingI have been asked on several occasions what the difference is between these. Prior to a game of golf you want to warm up. Stretch, get your blood pumping thru various parts of your body and find your rhythm.

Practicing is more mechanical in nature, working on certain flaws or fundamentals. These should not be taken directly onto the course prior to your game. Research has shown that the less mechanical you are when playing, the better you will play.

On the course, focus on your target and see your shot happen before you actually do it. Then let it happen!

Have you made plans for your winter vacation yet? Join Janet & myself as we head off to Mexico in February for a week of golf, sun and cervesas! Please check out the details for more information, there are a few spots remaining.