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Chipping Technique: 3 Lefts Make a Right

Golf is an incredibly challenging game, from the physical and technical aspects through to the mental side of the game.

How does one remember how to properly handle the many situations they will encounter in a golf game?alt

One method that can be helpful for memorizing technique when it comes to chipping is to think in terms of “3 LEFTS” (for right handed players) or “3 RIGHTS” (for left handed players).

In chipping for right handed players, the “3 LEFTS” include:
  1.  Aiming your body more to the left than your regular full swing set up.
  2.  Leaning on your left leg/foot in the setup, maybe a 70-30 weight distribution.
  3.  Hands and handle of the golf club are angled more to the left of the ball.


Although your body is aiming more left, the club head is aiming down the intended target line.
Keep that weight on your left foot throughout the swing and avoid transferring it back and forth.
This set up will create a more downward strike with the club, whether you are using a sand wedge, pitching wedge or a less lofted club such as the 7 iron.
There is less chance of hitting the ball “thin” or as some call it “sculling it”, which will lead to more solid contact.


There will be a minor follow-through with your body turn and the hands are still in front of the clubhead.
Your goal is to think of a 3 foot circle around the hole.
Get your ball inside this 3 foot perimeter and you have a very good chance at a one putt!

Spot pitching

Picking a visible spot on the green is used in pitching, chipping and putting. In the
picture this fellow is hitting to a spot on the green, which is short of the hole. He will not
want to hit at the hole, as the ball will roll too far past. Walk onto the green and visualize
how the ball will roll towards the hole once it lands at the spot you chose. If you are in
doubt when pitching onto the green, pick a ½ waypoint between the edge of the green and
the hole and that is where you want it to land.

Spot pitching Please contact me to work on your game or fitting your clubs!

Helping the club on short shots?

This refers to using your hands to help the club head lift the ball into the air on chips or
pitch shots. You don’t want to do this! Let the club lift the ball and try keeping your
hands from being over active. Keep your hands in front of the club head while moving
towards the target and better contact/distance control will be your reward!

Helping the club on short shots?

Please contact me to work on your game or fitting your clubs!