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Golf Tip: Rotation vs Arm/Hand power

There is much confusion regarding rotating your body versus swinging your arms & hands. Some people think they have more power when they keep their arms and hands moving independently of their body. This is false and physics proves it, just look at the figure skater with her arms stretched out. The skater will always move slower when the arms and feet generate the motion. When the skater pulls her arms inward while rotating her entire body, tremendous speed occurs.

In the golf swing, keep your arms, hands and club going with the rotation of the body. This creates speed and less manipulation with your arms & hands.


Golf Tip: Physical Limitations

Heading into the 2017 golf season, prepare yourself physically. I am not suggesting you become a “gym rat” and work out 5 days a week, although that can contribute to better health. Start stretching daily, see a physiotherapist or chiropractor and perhaps use a trainer if you are motivated to work out. In the left picture, the back swing has a spine tilting towards the target creating lower back issues and a ball flight, which is less than desirable. There are likely 2 possible reasons for this swing position, a lack of awareness or he has a physical dysfunction.

Don’t wait until spring to start on your golf game, let’s get it going now!

Give the gift of a golf lesson or a package of lessons this Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Golf Year to you and your family.

Glenn Boswell

Winter Coaching Program

Welcome to the 2016/2017 winter golf season! Now is the time to start working on your game; do not wait until the spring!

There are 4 months available to understand, manage and improve your game from a full swing, short game, putting, mental approach and course management perspective.

The Coaching Clinic guarantees results!

You commit to practice once a week for 4 months and I will improve your game & lower your scores. Using Calgary’s only indoor putting green /short game area, we will make your putter and wedge your best friends!

How does it work?

Purchase your bucket of practice balls and check in with me during the scheduled times. During your practice time, I will monitor your practice and progression through the use of video & Trackman technology.

The quicker you send in your completed form, the better chance at selecting your preferred time.

Dates & Times:

Starting December 1st to March 23rd (Excluding February 2nd – February 9th)
Sunday’s 12 – 4 pm
Thursday’s 4 – 8 pm

*Bonus week November 10th & 13th.


$275.00 plus GST = $288.75
This works out to $20.00 per lesson for once a week at 14 weeks.

Registration Information:

Please choose your preferred time in the week, once the registration fills on these days, we will add more.

A maximum of 15 people per session.

Thursday 4 – 8 pm
Sunday 12 – 4 pm

To Register for the winter clinic email me here

Golf Tip: Ball Striking vs Scoring

Statistics show us that more than 70% of your shots occur inside of 100 yards. This includes putting, chipping, pitching, sand and full swings with shorter clubs. Now some of you are better at scoring compared to your full swings with longer clubs. Most players are worse at scoring than full swings. If you were to play 9 holes at your golf club, but not play from the normal teeing ground and start from 100 yards out, would you score 27 or better? The answer is quite interesting and it is a resounding NO!

Now you have a better idea of where to put your efforts when you practice this winter.

Come and see me over the winter for some private sessions or on a regular schedule with the Winter Coaching Program.

2017 Golf Getaway – Huatulco, Mexico

I am very pleased to announce our 2017 winter excursion!
Join Janet & myself as we are off to a new destination.

We are heading to the Dreams Resort and Las Parotas Golf Club in: Huatulco, MexicoHuatulco - Mexico









Here are the details:

  • Direct Air on Air Transat, Club Class upgrade available on a limited basis
  • All Inclusive plan
  • Transportation to/from the Airport & Golf Course/Resort
  • 5 rounds of golf including power carts, food & beverages on course

Taxes and fees included in the price

1. Deluxe Tropical View room: $3044 CDN p.p.
2. Deluxe Tropical View room with Jacuzzi: $135 per person extra.
3. Deluxe Partial Ocean View: $259 per person extra.
All above prices are based on twin sharing basis.
Single supplement for one week is an extra $788.
A non-golfer rate is available.

Flight Schedule:
Calgary – Huatulco Feb. 02, 2017 8:35 AM – 4:15 PM
Huatulco – Calgary Feb. 09, 2017 4:35 PM – 9:40 PM

– A deposit of $300 per person upon booking, final deposit October 15, 2016.
– Club Seats are an extra charge per person, roundtrip. As of today, there are still 6 Club seats left, but we cannot block these. They are on a first come first serve basis. To book these seats, a deposit of $100 per person is required, in addition to the deposit on the package.

Here is the link to the resort web site:

Please contact me at the Glencoe Golf & CC to reserve your spots or if you have any questions.
Direct line: 403-240-7398


Swing Tip – Low Point

This month’s tip refers to where you make contact with the ground relative to your ball position. If you suffer from chunky shots (hitting the ground prior to the ball) you are most likely not getting your weight to your forward foot. The ball position could also be too far forward in your stance. Remember that your low point is where the club bottoms out after you have struck the ball. This picture shows the correct low point and swing motion.



Golf Tip: Sand shots beside the green

Green side bunker shots or sand shots require a little bit of visualization, a little more set up preparation and a little bit of execution. Notice that the set up preparation requires more time than the other two. Visualize a dollar bill in the sand, the ball sits in the middle of the bill. The leading edge of the bill is in the middle of your stance (where the ball should be on most of your shots). The club head should enter the sand where the leading edge of the bill is.

When you complete the swing, the dollar bill is gone and so is the ball! Remember to keep more weight on your forward foot and keep your buttocks lower to the ground.

I have some dates for our one day golf camps including a playing lesson, please check out my web site for further details.

Would you like to play golf, visit a safari and do some wine tasting, well we have a South Africa golf trip scheduled October 31st to November 19th, 2016. Check out the details on my web site!

Putting – Aggressive vs Defensive

We know that if you want to become a better putter, you must be in better control of your distance. Here are 3 rules of thumb for better distance control 20’ and less:

1- On flatter putts, have the ball get past the hole 12”.
2- On uphill putts, be aggressive, you are fighting gravity.
3- On downhill putts, be defensive, lag the putt.

What does “lag” mean in putting, it means “come up short of the hole intentionally”. Aim at some kind of mark about 3 feet short of the hole, the ball will still roll closer to the hole than you think. This ensures you do not have a 6 footer coming back, remember that you want a tap in for your 2nd putt.


This is a great drill to practice distance control, stroke some putts from different slopes and do not let the ball hit the club connecting the other 2 clubs.

I have some dates for our one day golf camps including a playing lesson, please check out this link for further details.

Would you like to play golf, visit a safari and do some wine tasting? Well, we have a South Africa golf trip scheduled October 31st to November 19th, 2016. Check out the details here!


Golf Tip: Kinematic Sequence

Sounds and reads like a very technical skill, doesn’t it? It really means energy in motion. Specifically in the golf swing, what moves first to last. If we look at the down swing, the order of movement is your bottom half (feet, legs and pelvis) move 1st, then the torso is 2nd, then your arms 3rd and lastly the club.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.26.38 AM

Every tour player and good amateur golfer has this sequence of events, if something changes in the sequence, the shot can be very unpredictable. What causes the change in sequence?

1 – Awareness
2- Competency
3- Capacity

If you are aware of what to do, but your body does not allow you because of a lack of stability or mobility or both, then the answer is capacity.

That’s when you need a physical test screen to assess what the dysfunction is and get you going! I am booking right now for the AMM 3D assessment and physical screening, this provides you with what is happening to the ball flight, how it is happening and why it is happening. There are no assumptions made or opinions, just the factual feedback to help change your game.

If you are interested in using the same instruction technology that the LPGA, PGA & Champions Tour players use, please reserve a session with me. The AMM 3D (Advanced Motion Measurement) shows you exactly how your body moves in the golf swing!

We will cover how your body moves with the AMM 3D System, what the ball flight is doing using the Trackman Radar and give you a practice plan to improve.

The assessment will take 2 hours and change your game forever! Contact me today!

Golf Tips: The Tee Box

Let’s talk about ball flight in this tip today. Many people will set up on the tee box in an area between the markers, which looks the flattest and with the most untouched grass. You should be looking at a target in the fairway and playing for your particular flight pattern. If you tend to slice or fade the ball like the red line below, you will want to set up on the right side of the tee box. Now aim yourself to the left of your intended target. This will make your landing area much larger. If you do not have an established pattern, set up more in the middle of the tee area. The Tour pros use this method as none of them hit perfectly straight shots down the middle with their longer clubs.They get the ball to come back to the middle of the fairway or the green.