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Getting the Right Golf Club for Your Game

choosing-right-golf-clubSanta left you or promised you a new golf club from Christmas. How do you choose the club that is most beneficial for you? Consider the obvious choices first:

  1. Budget
  2. Visual appeal
  3. The feel and performance (take a demo club and try it out).

Now the most important step, get yourself fitted for the club with an authorized fitter or Golf Professional. This should include:

  1. Confirming the shaft type, flex, length and kick point.
  2. Confirm the lie angle and grip size.
  3. Confirm the loft and face angles using Trackman or Flitescope.

Quite often, the club fitting should be an inclusive service with the club purchase.

Putters and wedges should also be discussed with a Golf Professional, these clubs have choices available such as loft, bounce and weighting.

Remember that a better fit club will give you the best opportunity to play your best! If you would like to have a club fitting with myself, please contact me to schedule a time.