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Putting – Aggressive vs Defensive

We know that if you want to become a better putter, you must be in better control of your distance. Here are 3 rules of thumb for better distance control 20’ and less:

1- On flatter putts, have the ball get past the hole 12”.
2- On uphill putts, be aggressive, you are fighting gravity.
3- On downhill putts, be defensive, lag the putt.

What does “lag” mean in putting, it means “come up short of the hole intentionally”. Aim at some kind of mark about 3 feet short of the hole, the ball will still roll closer to the hole than you think. This ensures you do not have a 6 footer coming back, remember that you want a tap in for your 2nd putt.


This is a great drill to practice distance control, stroke some putts from different slopes and do not let the ball hit the club connecting the other 2 clubs.

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