Golf Tips: Gear Effect

gear effectMost metal woods including the driver and fairway woods have curvature on the club face, your irons do not.  This is intentionally designed, which helps our ball flight. A ball that is struck towards the heel on the club face will spin to the right (right handers).  A ball struck towards the toe will spin more to the left.

When you hit a shot that spins one way or the other, consider where it struck the club face, your path and club face alignment could be fine, but the spot on the club face will make it appear otherwise.

At the Academy, one of the first things I do when measuring ball flight for my students is confirming the contact on the face of the club.  I use Dr. Scholl’s foot powder by spraying it on the club face, which leaves the ball imprint more visible after contact.

The next question is why are you hitting the ball towards the toe or the heel?

That’s where I come into the equation, thru the use of video and Trackman radar, I can pinpoint this problem and suggest the change required. Give a gift certificate for golf lessons this Christmas, they can be used over the winter at the Riverside Academy or the summer at the Glencoe Golf & CC. Contact Me to learn more!


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