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Keep your head down (Plus other swing myths)

The trouble with band aid treatments (suggestions from your golf buddies to improve
whatever is plaguing your golf game), they really don’t help and can be harmful.
Here are some of them:

1. Keep your head down and stop looking up before making contact with the ball.
This is false, your head needs to be able turn towards the target after impact, or
your body will not rotate properly. Try to watch the ball as long as possible.

2. Keep the left arm straight (for right handers), trying to maintain a straight arm
from set up to the back swing. This is false, the left arm needs some extension,
but not frozen stiff with tension. This will lead to other swing faults and possible
injury to your arm joints.

3. Put more weight on your right foot in the back swing (for right handers).
This is false, in your backswing you will transfer more weight to the right foot,
but stay centered over the golf ball while turning. Some folks out there mistake
transferring more weight to the right foot, by moving their body out of position.
Contact, control and distance will all suffer!
The picture on the left depicts a better position than the right picture.


Book your appointment and forget the band aid solutions!