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Let the Big Dog Eat (Hitting your driver)

The driver is the most popular club in the bag for most golfers. Due to the distance this
club can potentially generate, this creates excitement when one pulls off the headcover!
With current club technology, driver heads are bigger, lighter and have a greater center of
gravity than ever before. This means one must set up to the ball differently from irons or
hybrids. Most people hit with a descending blow using their driver, as if they were using
an iron or hybrid. This creates extra spin, lack of control and less distance!

With the use of radar- based Trackman or Flitescope analysis, I can measure your driver
swing versus your iron swing including club head speed, ball speed, attack angle, spin
rates, launch angle and distance. From this analysis, I recommend approaching the ball
with a more ascending blow (on the upswing).



Ball position should be further toward the left foot, and your right shoulder should be
lower than the left shoulder to help with hitting the ball on the upswing (right hand
golfer). The picture on the right depicts this accurately.

Set up a time with me for your radar analysis!