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What is the definition of lag in the golf swing? In the downswing, it’s the ability to delay
the RIGHT ARM extension. Look at the player on the left, his club is completely
extended when his hands are in front of his right thigh (no lag). The picture on the right is
Lexi Thompson who ranks 2nd on the LPGA Tour in driving distance at an average of 270
yards. Lexi’s club position in the 2nd frame displays the club lagging behind in relation to
her body position. Too often golfers try to throw the club at the ball with the release of
their hands. Approximately 75% of the students who come to see me, have a problem
with distance, this is the main cause!


You must shift your weight to your left heel (right handers) and then rotate your body,
the “hit” is the last part of the sequence.

If you would like to see your lag ability captured on video,
please contact me.