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Golf Tips – Take your medicine

It’s that time of the year when cold & flu viruses run amuck, one must be prepared to
react when symptoms appear. You must also be able to react to trouble spots on the golf
course and know what the smart play is. The picture on the left is a woman about to hit
her ball into the fairway with a short pitch shot, as she clearly does not have room for a
full swing. How many times have you been in a trouble spot and tried a recovery shot
which borders on the impossible like the picture on the right? The rule of thumb is do not
attempt shots on the course which you have not practiced at the range! Take your
medicine by hitting the highest percentage shot possible to get the ball back into the
fairway. I know it’s more exciting to pull off the impossible, but 9 times out 10, you end
up with a blow up hole, lose your ball, lose your temper and lose your wager.

Golf Tips - Take your medicine

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Let the lie dictate the shot

Around the green you will encounter numerous types of situations as to how the ball lies
on the ground. The picture on the left shows a sand wedge being used to pitch the ball;
the lie of the ball is fairly good as there looks to be plenty of grass under the ball. The
picture on the right shows a ball sitting on a bare patch of grass; there is not much grass
under this ball. Using a sand wedge in this scenario is not advisable as the sand wedge
may bounce off the compact ground and catch the ball thin (it will travel too low with no
distance control). Use a pitching wedge if you need loft to the shot, the pitching wedge
may not hit the ball as high as the sand wedge, but has less chance to bounce as the
bottom of the club is built differently from the sand wedge.

Let the lie dictate the shot

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Improving your Balance for Golf

Heading into the colder months means starting up an exercise routine. Whether you do
yoga, Swing Doctor Golf or your own fitness regiment, keep balance in mind. If you lose
your balance towards your heels in the swing, you are prone to slicing and pull shots. If
you lose your balance towards your toes, you are prone to hooks and pushes. The fellow
swinging in the picture on the right below is probably not getting the results he would
like and he is also looking at major lower back issues in the future.

The fellow on the left is working on stabilizing his core muscles in order to stay on the
ball. The stronger your core is, the better your balance is and your longevity of playing
this great game! You may not necessarily balance on a fitness ball, but you can find
other exercises to help this. I would suggest to the fellow who swung in the picture below
to change his finish position and work on some core strengthening to promote better


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